Property Settlement - Price ListQLD


Service Price
Binding Financial Agreement OR Consent OrdersThe service fee starts at $3,300 if in agreement. negotiations and ongoing amendments charged at additional hourly rate. Provision of a certification of legal advice. If drafted by other sides Solicitors $1650.00 to advise and provide certification. $3,300.00 Including GST


Binding Financial Agreement OR Consent Orders

Disbursement Price
IncidentalsCovers for printing, telephone and [postage and provision of one certified copy of your docu ent. $60.00 Including GST

Key Stages and Timescales

Binding Financial Agreement OR Consent Orders

Key Stage Timescale
To draft and complete 0 – 5 day(s)


John O'Byrne

Principal Solicitor

Qualification Educational Institution
Australian legal practitioner New South Wales Solicitor Admission Board
Areas of Law Practiced Experience Time Spent
General legal practitioner 21 year(s) 100%